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Parts of the ASE XXVIII Planetary Congress in Stockholm are open for the public. Information about the programme can be found here (parts that are open for participation are marked). No pre-registration will be required for participants, and seats will be offered according to a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. However, press can apply for credentials in order to ensure a seat.

Applications for reserved press seating at the ASE congress are now being accepted. A limited number of places are available and qualifications of all journalists will be determined by the ASE XXVIII Planetary Congress media staff.

Please provide media staff with the following information, in order for your application to be processed:

First Name
Last Name
Byline (if different)
Professional Title
Publication or Media Organization
Type of publication (Magazine, Newspaper, TV, Newsletter, Online (specify), Radio, Other)
Postal Code
Phone number
Website URL
Freelancer (Yes/No) If yes, please have your assignment editor send a confirmation letter to Gunilla Iverfelt,
Assignment editor (Phone and Email)

Describe the focus of your article and potential interest in interviewing a specific participating astronaut. Also include which open sessions you would like to participate in. Participation during outreach activities to schools (Community days in Stockholm and Småland) can be possible, please include potential interest to participate in these visits.

Attachments, required
• Scan of passport
• pdf of printed space-related article from the last three months (if applicable)
• Link to online space-related article from the last three months (if applicable)

Please send your application to or, in case of questions, contact:

Gunilla Iverfelt

+46-8-790 69 46

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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